How to make STANAG 4609 file from Dji Mavic video.

In this article, I’ll show how to create a STANAG 4609 files from Dji Mavic's video files and telemetry.
Dji drones are awesome, It is a lot of fun to fly them and they shot a pretty high-quality video. But, if you're visiting this page, it is probably not enough for you. You want to use them as a (much) cheaper source of FMV. Maybe for some testing/integration. Or you just need some non-confidential videos for demonstration... So, just in case you don't have your $500K STANAG camera with gimbal handy, here is a cheaper way to get a stunning high-resolution FMV.

Recently, the old good KlvInjector application was added with the functionality to convert Dji video and data logs into STANAG 4609 compliant files/streams. In addition to direct translation of basic telemetry things like lat/lon/alt, pitch, roll, etc. the KlvInjector is able to compute the information that is not available in Dji telemetry, such as Frame Center, Footprint (corner points, offsets and full), etc. Using this new functionality you can get a STANAG 4609 compliant stream even out of the $399 Dji Mavic Mini drone! Currently, we calculate and add these tags.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to do this.

StPlayer DJI
StPlayer preview

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