KLV Injector is a powerful, yet easy to use video and telemetry processing tool for metadata insertion into FMV (Full Motion Video). This tool performs on-the-fly generation / segmented recording of a STANAG 4609 compliant streams with MISB 0601.X Klv metadata. KLVInjector is used for real-time STANAG stream generation by combining FMV with an external sensors data, video/data assets post-processing,  commercial drone (DJI) video conversion to MISB / STANAG standards , etc.

Main features:

  • MISB 0601.X KLV on-the-fly metadata insertion into MPEG TS over UDP stream (live mode).
  • MISB 0601.X KLV offline metadata insertion into MPEG TS file. Real time (with video preview or faster than real time).
  • Metadata sources - from RS232, LAN, File (binary, json or csv).
  • DJI drone video/ logs to STANAG 4609 conversion. Frame center and footprint calculation.
  • Template packets - metadata (binary, json) add / replace.
  • MISB 0601.X (including MISB 0102.9, MISB 0903.4 VMTI ).
  • Segmented stream recording.
  • Video transcoding (offline). You can use any type of source video files, change resolution / bitrate, etc.

Download demo version KlvInjector

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KLV telemetry insertion (udp, bin, csv, json)
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Drone video conversion to STANAG
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