Stream Recaster

Version: 2.8.7

The Stream Recasting Web Application employs a client-server architecture designed to receive UDP (unicast or multicast) streams and transmit them to one or more targets while offering optional protocol conversion. This documentation will guide you through the setup and usage of this application, outlining its key features, and explaining how to control and monitor the streams.


Key Features

  • Stream recasting (UDP/TCP in -> UDP/TCP out).
  • Optional protocol conversion for outgoing streams.
  • Monitoring of input stream status and bitrate.
  • Stream info detection.
  • Low lantency view preview.
  • Video Wall (Mosaic)
  • User authentication and authorization
  • User groups
  • YAML-based configuration for platform and channel settings.
  • REST API for managing platforms, channels, and their behavior.
  • React frontend for user control and monitoring.
  • Can run as a process on Windows or Linux, or deployed as a Docker container (Linux).

Getting started with Recaster

For more info please visit ImpleoTV website.