UAVideo Player is a cost effective standalone viewer for ISR imagery presentation and analysis. A FMV (Full Motion Video) stream player allows low latency playback of STANAG 4609 compliant live video feeds, offline files and On Demand FMV (from RTSP server) streams, multi-channel recording, 2D / 3D Situational Awareness, customizable metadata overlays, bookmarks, imagery snapshots, accurate file cutting, etc. 


Main Features:

  • Low latency playback of STANAG/MISB compliant FMV live streams.
  • STANAG 4609 File playback.
  • Seamless back to back RTSP segments playback from RTSP server (Impleo StanagOnDemand server)
  • Multi-channel DVR for segmented recording.
  • Configurable Telemetry overlays with multiple layers. 
  • MISB 0903 (VMTI - Video Moving Target Indicator and Track Metadata) support.
  • Situational awareness - 2D maps and 3D (Google Earth). UAV positioning, footprint, area, etc.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Accurate file cutting (using bookmarks) and segment exporting.
  • Total filmed area calculation and presentation.
  • Screenshots.
  • Extensible with user's developed plugins.
  • STANAG 4609 compliant. MISB 0601.X UAS Datalink Local Metadata Set support.

Please note, the Google Earth plugin has been deprecated  and the Earth visualization is no longer available..

UAVideo Player Demo is available for evaluation. Please request your free trial version.

Basic license
STANAG 4609 stream playback
Klv Metadata decoding
Situational awareness
File playback
Offline file ingest and playback
Multi-channel stream recorder
Overlay wizard
Custom overlays