StPlayer is a cost-effective standalone viewer for ISR imagery presentation and analysis. FMV (Full Motion Video) player allows STANAG 4609 file and low latency live stream playback.

Main Features:

  • STANAG 4609 files and live low latency UDP stream playback
  • STANAG 4609 HLS (VOD) playback
  • Frame accurate (with full sync with Klv data) Seek and Step FF / Backward
  • STANAG 4609 recording (HLS or TS files)
  • Bookmarks
  • Klv metadata extraction and presentation (MISB 0601.X, 0102.X, 0903.X, 1204.1)
  • Klv conditional breakpoints - pause playback on Klv metadata conditions
  • MIL-STD-2525 / STANAG 2019 APP-6 symbology presentation
  • OutOfBand Klv (RAW) support
  • Cut and export clips from STANAG file, preserving Klv metadata
  • Metadata packets export (JSON), MISB to GeoJSON export
  • Metadata packets export as KML (KMZ), Network link - 3D Google Earth
  • Metadata extraction and recasting over UDP (RAW Klv / JSON)
  • GPU accelerated 3D video overlay engine
  • Pixel to Geo (Mouse / Video Marker)
  • Video Ruler - on-screen distance measurement
  • Perspective grid overlay
  • GeoJSON annotations (draw over the video, import/export)
  • VMTI (Video Moving Target Indicator and Track Metadata) support
  • Situational Awareness - metadata presentation on a Map (online/offline)
  • Geo queries - filmed area, "heatmap", find a relevant video by map area selection
  • Stream analysis charts - timestamps, bitrate, discontinuities, video/data packet placement, etc.
  • Player automation.  Remote player control over HTTP (REST)

StanagOnDemand server now has a new low cost VOD configuration, so you could archive (locally/LAN/cloud), query and play back your videos directly from StPlayer! More info here.

Download demo version - StPlayer

Basic license
STANAG 4609 file playback
MISB metadata presentation
Map. Basic situational awareness features
Stream playback (not needed if you order Stream playback + Recorder option)
Low latency STANAG 4609 stream playback.
UDP unicast / multicast.
Stream playback + Recorder
Same as a Stream playback option + HLS / TS recorder.
Segmented, GOP aligned stream recording.
Stream recorder can only be purchased with the Stream Playback option.
Video Overlay tools
GPU accelerated 3D video overlay engine
Metadata presentation on top of video, Pixel to Geo, Perspective grid, Distance measurement, Video marker and video / geo annotations, etc.
Stream Analyzer
Recorded stream's Video / Klv analysis, interoperability testing. Quickly identify impairments and artifacts.
Video Dts Interval, Video Pts Interval, Data Pts Interval, Stream Pie, Stream Bitrate, Video, Private Data and Klv packets
Klv conditional breakpoints - pause playback on Klv metadata conditions
Metadata Recaster
Re-broadcast extracted (RAW or decoded) stream metadata over UDP for external processing by other applications.
Metadata is synced to video.