STANAG TS Stream Recorder / KLV / CoT

Please note, this application has been discontinued. If you don't need CoT support, please have a look at our StPlayer or (older) UAVideoPlayer.

This application has been discontinued. Although the application may continue to function, we will no longer be providing any further development, bug fixes, or updates to this product. As a result, we can only offer very limited support for any issues or inquiries that you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, you may continue using the application if it still works for you. Thank you for your understanding.

STANAG Stream recorder KLV / CoT - is a software application that lets the motion imagery analyst to capture and exploit STANAG 4609 compliant video streams and embedded telemetry information. This tool is designed to perform TS stream segmented recording, MPEG stream info detection, KLV metadata analysis, MPEG-7/XML/Text metadata generation.  It receives unicast/multicast STANAG stream from IP network, records it to the local storage with optional segmentation (time / size)  and displays the MISB 0601.X metadata information present in the stream. It supports LDS mode and uses configurable metadata dictionary (XML format). 

Main features:

  • Segmented stream and metadata recording. 
  • MISB 0601.X metadata extraction.
  • Real-time decoded metadata presentation (0601 decoding, KLV Packet rate, etc. )
  • Metadata recording to XML ( Both original and decoded ).
  • Metadata sampling.
  • Configurable metadata dictionary.
  • STANAG stream info detection.
  • KLV to CoT transcoding
  • "ITAR-free".

Download demo version - STANAG Recorder KLV/COT

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