Stanag2WebRtc runtime

Quantity Channels (streaming) (€) Channels (recording) (€) Clients(€)
1 129 59 29
10+ 109 49 24
50+ 89 39 19
100+ 69 29 15
200+ 49 24 12
500+ 39 18 9
1000+ 29 12 7
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To choose a runtime license, follow these steps:

1. Determine the Number of Channels (Streams):
Consider how many channels or streams you intend to process on the server side. A channel or stream represents a separate source of video content that needs to be processed simultaneously. For example, if you plan to process five different video streams at the same time, you would need a runtime license that supports at least five channels.

2. Decide on Recording Option:
If you require the ability to record the video streams, assess whether you need this functionality. Recording allows you to capture and store the video content (as mpegts file, mpegts segments or HLS) for future use or archival purposes. If recording is necessary, ensure that the chosen runtime license includes the recording option.

3. Select the Number of Concurrent Clients:
Consider the number of clients who will be consuming the video content on their end. Concurrent clients refer to the number of users who will be accessing and viewing the video streams simultaneously. Determine the maximum number of clients you expect to access the streams concurrently. This information is crucial for selecting an appropriate runtime license that can support the desired number of clients.

Once you have determined the number of channels, decided on the need for recording, and selected the number of concurrent clients, you can proceed to choose the appropriate runtime license that meets your requirements. It is advisable to consult with the ImpleoTV to ensure that the chosen license aligns with your specific needs and provides the necessary features and capacities for your video processing and consumption demands.