LiveStreamer is a command line utility that can re-stream (in loop) STANAG 4609 files, restamping PCR/DTS/PTS values, to emulate live streams. The utility can be used for SW development, testing and integration.

Main features:

  • Send STANAG files over UDP emulating live streams.
  • File target.
  • Loop (number of times or infinite).
  • PCR/DTS/PTS re-stamping (to prevent timestamp wraparound effect).
  • Video can be send as is or transcoded.
  • Timing info video overlay.
  • Windows and Linux.
As MPEG format uses 33 bit for the PTS timestamps, they will eventually (2^33 / 90000 kHz = about 26.5 hours) come to wraparound for the continues sources. If you use a file instead of live streaming, simply sending it as is, this will happen after every loop. Many applications rely on continuously increasing timestamps, for example, DVR timestamp based seeking may only handle a natural wraparounds - one wrap without introducing any additional inconsistencies. If a stream has many sudden changes to its timeline, the timestamp based seeking won't work. LiveStreamer ensures that the looped content will have it's timestamps fixed.

Download demo version - LiveStreamer

Basic license
Streaming STANAG files over UDP.
Loop streaming.
Timstamps re-stamping.
Send original video or transcoded with overlay.