KlvStreamInjector is a command line utility that adds MISB 0601.X metadata to a transport stream sent over UDP.
The metadata source can be RAW Klv or Json packets (that are encoded on-the-fly into MISB 0601 / 0102 / 0903) sent over Udp or read from file.

Main features:

  • Insert RAW Klv packets (file / UDP / REST) into TS over UDP streams.
  • Insert MISB metadata from .csv / .json / .bin files into TS file (offline processing)
  • MISB 0601 (with nested MISB 0102 and MISB 0903 VMTI) on-the-fly encoding from JSON formatted packet
  • Network and file targets (simultaneous streaming and recording to file).
  • Video flywheel generator.
  • Automation over REST
  • Video preview
  • Data preview (real time) with StMonitor
Klv Stream Injector

Download demo version - KlvStreamInjector

Basic license
RAW Klv insertion into TS streams.
Network target
File target
Data preview with StMonitor
MISB metadata encoding
On-the-fly Json packets encoding into MISB 0601 / 0102.
Offline metadata encoding and insertion (from .csv / .json / .bin files).
Video Flywheel
Seamlessly send synthetic video of the original source profile (generated from custom bitmap) when video source is disconnected (or not present from the beginning)