KlvInspector™ is a software application for deep analysis of STANAG 4609 files or binary telemetry files / streams. It is an essential tool for UAV video applications development, integration and testing. KlvInspector provides in-depth insight into the KLV metadata - comprehensive and visual representation of the encoded KLV data, packet structure, binary/ASCII data preview and search functionality. It decodes a UAS  Datalink Local Metadata Set (MISB 0601.12) metadata and allows an easy navigation inside the SMPTE 336M-2007 KLV packet, statistic report generation, metadata extraction (bin, csv, xml), KLV packets generation, optional conversion to CoT (Cursor on Target) and RS232 / LAN (UDP) recording/streaming.

KlvInspector can be used as a source of KLV data, in case a real source for system testing is not available or classified.

Main features:

  • Visual representation of the KLV Packet structure.
  • Packet Navigation (by packet number or time).
  • Extraction of KLV metadata from STANAG 4609 files.
  • MISB 0601.12, MISB 0102, MISB 0903.
  • VMTI (Video Moving Target Indicator and Track Metadata) editor.
  • Binary/ASCII data preview and search functionality.
  • Json View. Klv to Json/GeoJson conversion. Load / Save to / from files.
  • Load/Save Klv packets from/to binary files.
  • Record (with Live preview) binary telemetry (RAW Klv) streams (RS232/Ethernet).
  • Metadata packet range export (by numbers, offset, KLV time) to binary, csv, xml or json files.
  • Multiple KLV PID support.
  • Report generation
  • Video preview and navigation.
  • Situational awareness - presentation on a map (online / offline).
  • Bitrate chart plotting and PCR discontinuity monitoring.
  • KLV Composer (Build KLV packet from scratch by adding individual items or edit existing packets).
  • Send KLV packets over RS232 or Ethernet with configurable data rate.
  • Convert KLV to CoT messages (MISB 0805) and send them over Ethernet.
  • "ITAR-free"

Download demo version - KlvInspector Demo

Download brochure KlvInspector brochure

Please make sure you have VC++ 2010 (32bit) and VC++ 2013 32(bit) installed

Basic license
STANAG 4609 / RAW KLV ingest
MISB Data inspection
Video preview / map
Metadata Export
Export by packet range, offset, time
.csv / .bin formats
Klv Composer
Manual packet creation
Packet editing
RS232/LAN Streaming
RAW KLV packet streaming
IP / Serial interface