Stanag2WebRTC - Live STANAG 4609 streaming over WebRTC. Version: 2.0.2

Main features:

  • Low-latency playback of MPEG-TS/STANAG 4609 network streams (TS over UDP) in a browser using WebRTC.
  • Video passthrough (H.264) or real-time transcoding to VP8.
  • STANAG 4609 KLV MISB metadata packets (decoded to JSON) over the WebRTC data channel.
  • Server-side stream recording (MPEG-TS, HLS).
  • Recording original video/data or transcoding with configurable resolution, bitrate, etc., to H.264.
  • React component/plain JavaScript player for seamless frontend integration.
  • Server control with a REST API.
  • Sample code included.
  • "ITAR-free"

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology that allows for real-time communication and live streaming of video, audio and data over the web. It is particularly well-suited for use in the live streaming of FMV (Full Motion Video) with STANAG 4609 and MISB 4609 KLV (Key-Length-Value) metadata.

Using WebRTC, developers can easily build applications that allow for the live streaming of FMV from UAV platforms and the extraction, processing and display of associated metadata. The technology provides low latency and high-quality video and data transmission, making it an ideal choice for use in applications that require real-time communication and live streaming.

In addition, WebRTC is an open-source technology that is widely supported by web browsers, making it easily accessible to developers and users alike. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for the live streaming of STANAG 4609 FMV.

Getting started with Stanag2WebRTC streamer.

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