Klv Overlay Control


KlvOverlayControl is a reusable component for implementing advanced video overlay functionality in FMV applications. This control is based on the metadata standards MISB 0601.X and MISB 0903.X, allowing you to easily incorporate data from these sources into your overlays. With the KlvOverlayControl, you can easily add rich, informative overlays to your video content, enhancing the viewing experience for your users. Whether you're building a standalone application or integrating the control into an existing system, the KlvOverlayControl is an invaluable tool for any WPF developer working with video content.

STANAG 4609 OverlayControl.

Klv Overlay Control

Main features

  • Inputs: STANAG MISB 0601.X / 0903.3 packets (in binary (RAW) or decoded (json) format)
  • MISB 0601.X metadata overlay
  • Mouse coordinates to geo (lan / lon)
  • GPU accelerated 3D video overlay engine
  • 3D Geojson annotations layers (both presentation and creation)
  • 2D annotations layers
  • Collada 3D models
  • Video Marker - Geo location
  • Video Ruler - distance measurement directly on a video
  • Orthogonal and perspective grids
  • Complete sample code


It's important to note that the KlvOverlayControl requires certain MISB metadata tags to be present in the stream in order to function properly. If these tags are not present, the control may not be able to generate the desired overlays or perform the calculations. Also, it relies on accurate telemetry information for proper functioning. If the telemetry data provided for calculations is inaccurate, the overlays produced by the control may not be accurate as well. Additionally, the control does not use DTM (digital terrain model) data, which means it may not be as accurate in scenarios where the terrain includes mountains or other topographical features. It's important to keep these limitations in mind when using the KlvOverlayControl, and to carefully verify the accuracy of the telemetry data being used.



Method Description
OverlayEnabled Enable / Disable overlay
MarkerEnabled Enable / Disable marker
GridMode Set grid mode - off / orthogonal / perspective / both
DataSource Set data source - Stream / Simulated
DrawMode Set draw mode - annotations / roi / ruler / off
DataExpiration Enable / Disable overlay data expiration
SetTelemetryShowCompass Show / hide compass
SetTelemetryFontColor Font color
SetTelemetryFontSize Font size
SetTelemetryShowShadow Font shadow
SetTelemetryShowText Show / hide text
Activate Activate license
UpdateTelemetry Load klv metadata packet (json string)


Event Description
MouseMoveEx Report mouse screen / geo coordinates
MarkerMove Report marker screen / geo coordinates
OverlayRead Overlay control is ready
Error Overlay control error

Minimal data set

Klv overlay requires MISB 601 metadata to operate.
Here is more info on the minimal metadata set.

Demo applications


The KlvFrameOverlay demo application demonstrates the usage of the KlvOverlayControl for calculating geographical coordinates from pixel coordinates and Klv telemetry packet. You can find the complete source code (in the \Samples\KlvFrameOverlayApp folder) and the precompiled binaries (in the\Bin\Samples\KlvFrameOverlayApp).
More info on KlvFrameOverlay.


No license is needed for application evaluation - it will work in demo mode (with some restrictions).

KlvOverlayControl is a node-locked software, so you have to get a license (after purchasing the SW) in order to lift demo restrictions. Please install it and fill out an online form, providing the Node Info string (IMPORTANT!!!) for the target machine.

You'll get back a license file and a key.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64 bit.